As long as I can remember I have had a creative aptitude for assembly and display. When I was very young, my dad bought me a construction set consisting of blue ‘steel beams’ and a base plate. I loved playing with it and I would dream up all kinds of ways to display my dinosaur toy collection.

Throughout my life I’ve dabbled in the world of sculpture with a diorama here and there, a wooden sword or an artistic response to a school assignment. My lust for greater control over my sculptures has never been sated but a lack of time and resources to create the big ideas in my head meant that somewhere along the way I’d stopped believing I was capable of making and creating and having fun without being deemed the ‘failure’.

Since then, I’ve re-calibrated along a number of personal and professional parallels and reintroduced myself to the side goal of attaining an understanding, appreciation, and mastery over various forms of sculpture that intrigue me. I love the idea of mashing together wood, wire and steel in a way that produces a hollow depth to a structure. That feeling of insecurity it gives the viewer is what I’m hunting for when I think of these large, impractical structures that have no real resilience or structure to them.