An end to 2021 – AG Ltd. 4th Quarter Update

Kwey anyone and everyone who reads these 🙂

Well we’ll be looking back on the year of 2021 as the lighter, polished sequel to 2020’s pandem-erific chaos. At least we went into the 3rd, 4th and 5th waves of covid-19 with a better understanding of the virus – not that ‘we’ as a species necessarily prepared better for it.

For myself, I’m quite content with my position in life at the moment. From July to December I worked with my colleagues at 2SiMS on the development of a website for 2 Spirit Youth to post their content and share with other 2S youth.

After the successful launch of I decided to accept a position within CBC as a Senior Administrator and I’m sooooo excited to start on January 3rd 2022.

Aside from professional work I’ve really just focused on myself, attempting to get projects done, and develop my wellness for the better. It’s been so-so with it’s success, lol. I’m excited to continue working on myself in and outside of the workplace.

I have the strong urge to promise where this website/small business is going, but since we’re so close to a new post for the first-quarter update of 2022, I’ll wait until I’ve settled into my job, and allowed myself to plan and think more about how much time I can dedicate outside my main employment to then work on personal projects, ideas and plans.

I’m excited for the new year, if not a little tired from the last year. It feels like these last few days of 2021 are the days of dusk in the middle of an arctic winter. The sun, rarely coming out, has just dipped below the horizon, and the sky is darkening around us quickly. Time to sip on our hot beverage, breath in the brisk air one last time before going inside to bed.

😉 See you in the new year folks.

Wishing you all wellness, warmth, and safety. Sincerely,

Ashley Grenstone

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