Summer Months of Art, Writing and Preparing for the future

My focus since May has been to finish writing my first book in time for me to begin my studies at Concordia University. I’m well on my way and am excited to be debuting it at a local Ottawa Gallery this fall. More on that soon.As the summer days breeze by, I’m busy doing big stuff and small things. I’m enjoying a bit of time to play with graphic design:

Playing with photography and grids
Made an ‘Okay-ish’ program logo for the ‘Human Systems Intervention’ Masters’ Degree Program I begin this Fall, 2020 @ Concordia University
Sneak Peak of my book šŸ˜‰

The future is bright for me. I’m exceptionally lucky and grateful that I can take the time to work on myself before I find another employment opportunity. What that means for me is that I am taking this time to seek and utilize therapy sessions and learn on how to be a better person in the workplace. I’ve struggled with communication, but, I gradually made progress and have been extremely proud of the steps I’d taken.

Then, at my last job, I reverted to self-sabotaging habits that had been dead and buried until the pandemic forced us all to work from home. Admittedly I spiralled into protecting myself at the cost of a continued employment opportunity. Which sucks. I let down some good people and I let the fear of not having stable access to antidepressants and my hormones get the better of me. I learned a lot about myself in that moment and have, thanks to help from others, taken responsibility for it.

I want my body and mind to feel comfortable, capable and excited to start my MA. The same for any future employment opportunity. I owe those who’ve given me great opportunities the time to self-reflect and grow into my own capable self. People encourage me. They say kind and heartfelt things. It’s time I start believing in myself and not giving up as a reflex from childhood. I am my own person, and I am responsible for my future and our shared present.

I’ve been wondering how I’ll explain myself to future potential employers – honesty and a healthy format of self-promotion are two things I hope will help convey wisdom and experience.

I got this.

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