Ashley Grenstone Arts has a new studio!!!

Ashley Grenstone Arts is back with a new studio!!!

As the title of the above video suggests Ashley Grenstone Arts (AGA) is back after nearly a 2 year hiatus and is now setup in a new shared studio space! Located at The New Edinburgh Community and Arts Centre (Nectar) the space will perfect to work on some great big pieces of of canvas art that I can’t wait to get started on.

The New AGA Studio located at NECTAR

Anyway, the reality of our time is that we are living in the middle of a global pandemic. It is perhaps a little (or a lot) hypocritical for me to be making any pleas to stay home and social distance considering the new studio was moved during this period. Regardless, what I will ask you dear readers is to please stay safe and well during these times. Take care of yourself (if you can), take care of others (if you can), and most importantly, know that whatever happens, however things change, you will survive, and you will thrive again.

Lastly, if cohabitation at home has become unattainable, please reach out and people can help you find a safe alternative.


Ashley Grenstone

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