New Year, New Goals

Well my time as Carleton’s Indigenous recruitment Officer has come to an end and I am now looking forward to new opportunities. With it comes a few core goals I am aiming to accomplish this year, namely:

  • Acquire a new means of income/employment;
  • Take my masters;
  • Move (possibly closer to Montreal if I get into Concordia U);
  • Finish my first book;
  • Skydive;
  • Try for a relationship with someone;
  • Keep seeking a way in with work that involves efforts to curb the usage of children in armed conflict;

Aside from these I’m happy to share I fulfilled one long-standing desire of mine and that was to have laser eye surgery done. I’m so happy I don’t have to wear glasses anymore – I’ve had them since grade 3 – and the bonus was I paid for it in full. First time I’ve done that!

Well that’s all for now, until then, Wishing you Wellness and Warmth, Sincerely,


Check out this Social Media Header I made using Illustrator. I’ll probably add it to the graphic design tab and a few other places like Facebook and Twitter.

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